best pr campaigns of all time

Iceland’s new Christmas advert was banned from appearing on TV, became a national talking point for 7 days and went on to the most watched UK Christmas ad of all time. Courting controversy, or actively welcoming it when it falls in one’s lap is something that needs to be handled carefully and that in some cases may be best avoided; but it can also be a gift and an opportunity for switched-on brands seeking to expand their reach and boost public perception. Burberry launches its “Singing in the rain” ad whilst teaming up with Marcus Rashford. But this and the so-called 'kiddie porn' controversies simply pushed the editorial buttons further. Popular with grandads everywhere, Brylcreem died a death with the Beatles and was flagging by the mid-1980s. For our three brands that deliberately took a stand on a polarising hot topic of the day (Iceland, Nike and Gillette), the topics and causes that their campaigns were built around were already well established if rather young in their evolution. Inspired by and in the style of the infamous banners now featured in the Oscar nominated film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, they contain one simple yet damming question, “71 dead. In acknowledging this view, PRWeek assembled a panel of eight judges drawn from the top of their respective fields - PR, marketing, advertising and the media - to nominate their personal favourites and to subject their selection to a critical round-table analysis. The first ad appeared in 1993 and was just retired after 25 years. But by including the two individuals who took on one of the world's biggest corporations, McDonald's, in the McLibel trial, there is also recognition of the power of individuals to use PR as a weapon against the greatest odds. Look into what’s going to have a better ROI for your campaign so that you’re maximizing your efforts. The Suffragette movement shows the pros and cons of adopting militant methods for a political campaign. If you’d like to get involved please do get in touch we’d love to get more bloggers on board. Built with grants of £50m from the Millennium Commission and £6.2m from the Arts Council, Tate Modern reached media outlets of which other art institutions can only dream. Register now to enjoy more articles and free email bulletins, Join a growing community of PRWeek comms professionals today, Executive Director Without their support, it took the outbreak of World War I and the suspension of militancy to win the feminist cause. The results of The Drum Awards for PR have been announced, with inniAccounts, Mastercard, LinkedIn, SnapChat, Bacardi, Megabus, Intuit QuickBooks and the Heart of London Business Alliance among the winning advertisers of 2020. However, the key to this success lies in the common elements that all of these campaigns and most other hugely successful marketing and PR endeavours share, in terms of finding the winning formula to give an ad or campaign the best possible chances of catalysing public opinion and reaching a large audience organically. In that light, Adolf Hitler's minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels was also suggested. Within a decade, sales topped $2 billion. With inspiring celebrity role models, the retail company is more focused on demolishing unrealistic beauty standards than pumping out sales. You can find out more about some of the winning work below. The Suffragettes gained much public sympathy in the wake of heavy-handed police treatment and legislation that allowed imprisoned women on hunger-strike to be freed, then arrested again once they had regained their health. The cause of many a family bust-up and fisticuffs at parties, Trivial Pursuit changed the way that game-makers do business. KFC changed its fries recipe after customers complained they were terrible – and used customer’s tweets to highlight the message. Given the nature of the advert itself and the pre-existing backlash amongst environmentally conscious consumers over the widespread use of palm oil in food products, there is every chance that Iceland’s Christmas ad would have performed well if it had simply aired as planned. Apple’s iPhone may packed with many fabulous features, but lengthy battery life isn’t one of them. For a regional broadcaster to gain national and international coverage, controversy was clearly the way to go. Lacoste announced that their iconic crocodile logo would be temporarily stepping down from his spot on the brand’s signature polo shirts to be replaced with 10 different and very special critters. The campaign was brave given the bookmaker’s own undeniable involvement in betting. Fronted by public enemy number one Johnny Rotten, the band looked awful, couldn't sing, were hated by parents and were banned by everyone from town councils to Radio 1. Consumers can buy Coke bottles with the name printed on the labels, which is cool enough. The kitchen then transforms into a stage complete with a drum kit and he begins to play the drums in this nostalgic and heart-warming advert. The judges selected the Suffragettes for their ability to drive national debate. It was created using chalk and paint by street artist Dean Zeus Colman, and the poster took over 12 hours to finish. 'Wonderbra came about when PR came of age in the 1990s,' says Will Whitehorn.

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