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I melt some TJ cookie butter (also vegan) and pour on top for some major indulgence. Trader Joe’s vanilla soy ice cream is super yummy. via It’s a whipped milk and oil blend that’s winning customer raves for creaminess and flavor. Sign up for our newsletter and go inside the world of luxury. Some I haven’t tried yet, but the So Delicious is probably my favorite. For tasting notes and more information, see our full review. Technically, our first choice would be Dream Gelato, but they’ve sadly discontinued those pints. But it is possible to be allergic to coconut or any other food. Just a decade ago, there were only a few pints hidden in the frozen food department of expensive markets. America has experienced an artisanal ice cream boom over the last decade. After years of coconutty ice cream, this dreamy line emerged with a more neutral base flavor and unbelievable decadence. I could see that – very rich and fulfilling too. They launched in 2016, but really took hold in the past year or so. If you’re on the hunt for a classic scoop of vanilla to top off a homemade pie, we’ve picked a store-bought ice cream with serious vanilla flavor and a short ingredient list (no fillers here!). If you’re a value-oriented consumer, then this brand is worth a try. Feel free to read the full product reviews that I’ve linked up to for more details. They also have a big flavor selection that focuses on quality ingredients and creamy indulgence. With this addition to the core lineup, you can find all the chewy cookie goodness at the center of the pint of this seriously nostalgic ice cream. It’s not only a top pick for taste and consistency, but also for pure, clean ingredients. Topping our list of America’s most expensive ice cream pints, Cappanari’s of Chicago will ship you their delicious ice cream, for a price. Each bite is sweet, creamy, and oh, so delicious. Creamy, sweet, and packed with flavor, these top pints prove you don’t need to pull out your ice cream maker to enjoy the best ice cream flavors. Like all Ben & Jerry’s ice creams, their Non-Dairy line is over-the-top. Subscribe today & save up to 70%! The Best Dairy-Free Ice Cream Pints Sold at Grocers. Creamy, sweet, and packed with flavor, these top pints prove you don’t need to pull out your ice cream maker to enjoy the best ice cream flavors. Ben had the genius idea to pack their iconic ice cream flavors into pint-sized packages to sell in … See our full review. They use just 6 ingredients or less, and blend in coconut cream for a richer finish than other brands. I like the So Delicious, but want to try some of the others. But they get quite creative with the flavors and always boast a very creamy consistency. Even die hard dairy ice cream fans have trouble turning down a scoop of these varieties. Always contact the manufacturer prior to consumption. It is coconut-based, with hints of coconut in most of the flavors. One taster said, "this is the best coffee ice cream I've ever had.". It’s not surprising that So Delicious made the Best Dairy-Free Ice Cream Pints list twice. Dairy-free frozen desserts have come a long way. I just had their salted caramel bar for the first time and it is AMAZING! It’s one of the only soy-based options left, and yes, they use non-GMO soy. We’ve seen several ice cream shops release pints, but Nadamoo started with pints, and has now opened their first ice cream shop. Ben & Jerry’s colorful pints are recognizable all over the world, but in the early days, you could only get Ben & Jerry's in cups and cones at the Scoop Shop in Burlington, Vermont. In fact, this is one of the few certified organic brands. The one caveat is that Almond Dream does contain carrageenan (Breyer’s does not, but Breyer’s is sweetened with corn syrup). But be sure you are prepared for a flavor rush. But for dairy-free needs, those should be avoided. Sometimes I just don’t have time to make it at home. It’s sweet, creamy, sold at many major grocers, and comes in 1.5-quart tubs that are even cheaper than some of the dairy-free pint brands. This is a newcomer on our best dairy-free ice cream list. This sophisticated pint is perfect on its own. Ripple has been a pioneer in the top allergen-free dairy alternative space, but they’ve also struggled with a few of their product formulas. RELATED: 35 Delicious Pie Recipes Anyone Can Make. Your recommendations is greatly appreciated. When I first went vegan, the options were on the slim side. Perhaps its because they are trying to mask some of the coconut flavour. Second place would be So Delicious Snickerdoodle. The company whips avocado puree and avocado oil with other pure, natural ingredients to create a surprisingly creamy finish. Plenty of great ice cream existed before, but in many cities, scoop shops have multiplied and improved on the commodity ice cream chains of our youth. Definitely the SO Delicious Cashew milk Ice Creams!! I agree, it’s definitely harder with nut-free. Plus, get digital access and a free tote bag. See our full review for tasting notes on select flavors. If you want to order it, be prepared to shell out $160 to $190 for 6 pints. Our tasters love this fun combo of rich brown butter ice cream with spiced cookie dough and a bitter chocolate swirled through the pint. Our experts tested the healthiest ice cream brands, including pints, bars , pops, sandwiches. $8 BUY NOW. We also offer ample resources for gluten-free, soy-free, food allergy, vegan and paleo diets. I don’t miss the dairy at all! The question has shifted from what dairy-free ice cream is available to which one you should try first! But Rice Dream and Soy Dream didn’t come close to our top picks, which might be why they’ve been discontinued. Especially their Bars! And I’d have to say that So Delicious is probably our go-to, but we just have to watch out for nuts. Save up to 70% off  the cover price. Although the FDA labels coconut as a tree nut, coconut is not a tree nut, and is not technically a top allergen in North America.

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