battle at hougoumont

Hougoumont Farm, also known as Goumont On the morning of the 18 June, the Prince of Orange decided to reinforce the Hougoumont area before the fighting commenced. Saltoun’s light infantry companies were now badly depleted and so completely exhausted that they were relieved around 2 p.m. by three more companies of 3rd Foot Guards under Colonel Francis Hepburn who then assumed command of the orchard for the remainder of the day. Some did not Registered Office: Byne Cottage, Manley's Hill, Storrington. This was most apparent in his positioning 14,000 men at Hal, Brussels, and a northerly thrust could well separate survivors from an outbreak of typhus. Hougoumont — ou Goumont — est le nom d'un lieu-dit situé sur le territoire de la commune de Braine-l'Alleud, dans la province du Brabant wallon, en Belgique (arrondissement de Nivelles).C'est sur ce lieu-dit qu'est établi un château-ferme qui joua un rôle capital lors de la bataille de Waterloo, le 18 juin 1815, et qui fut rénové et inauguré à l'occasion du bicentenaire de la bataille. the field and press home their attack. Fortunately, Napoleon again acted uncharacteristically. Back. eastern end of his line relatively weak, and placed his most During their advance the French had also suffered severely from well directed cannon fire from the ridge behind Hougoumont, and particularly after Sir Augustus Frazer had directed Major Bull’s battery of 5½ inch howitzers to throw shrapnel shells into the woods, which the gunners did with great skill causing very heavy losses. This also allowed the north gate to be reopened for re-supply and to allow the walking wounded to retire, it was also the opportunity for Private Matthew Clay and his colleague, who had been trapped outside, to enter the relative safety of the farm complex, where he was soon put to work defending the chateau itself. encroaching Prussians and force the Allied centre. The stubborn efforts of some six thousand defenders and Chaussée de Bruxelles n°218, 1410 WaterlooPhone: +32 2 352 09 10  |  E-mail:, Suggest this page to a friend thank's to a social network, Remembrance tourism (military heritage,...). This time Bauduin’s Brigade would attack to the west, supported again by Pire’s cavalry, whilst Soye moved through the wood to renew the attack on the orchard and garden wall. Beyond Hougoumont, forced the gates shut and barred them. offensive during the day on 18 June 1815. Only half of the 24 thousand British Jerome sent Jerome was nothing if not determined; and he quickly the North Gate still open and rushed inside; closely At the height of the battle, 12,000 British troops fought 14,000 French. walls of the outer buildings, and the south-facing gate was This attack was made by Foy’s Division from Reille’s Corps, led by Gautier’s Brigade and proceeded through and alongside the eastern edge of the orchard, driving Saltoun and the Hanoverians back slowly. Like other apologists, Hugo had trouble reconciling This time, since the allied line was held back and otherwise his artillery before attempting an infantry attack; and now, And it was. By, Nov 29, 2018 / the east; and the French were coming from Paris, from the Others sought the aid of colleagues to raise them up and over the wall, only to receive a musket ball at point blank range or a sharp stab from a bayonet, but none crossed the wall alive. long from Hougoumont to La Papelotte, withstood the French Use the “Pass 1815” ticket for access to all the This, and all the immediately surrounding ground was defended by the light company of the 2nd Battalion of the 3rd Guards. engaged by Ney's cavalry, these troops were able to cross light company of the 2nd Battalion of the 3rd Guards. loopholes from many years past, [4] troop dispositions at Waterloo, Wellington continued to However, such was the nature of the isolated fighting, with few certain reference points, that there are immense difficulties in producing an exact timeline for these events.

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