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Nirvana maximizes the size and quality of yields by feeding the plants beneficial bat guano, B vitamins, and 22 amino acids. Be aware that Nirvana is often placed on hydroponics store shelves along with competing products such as Pure Blend Pro and Liquid Karma, but Nirvana contains more crop-boosting ingredients than any other organic booster product. Most importantly for my intended goal of juicing cannabis, the plants are indeed starting to produce a good deal of large fan leaves, which I’ll be juicing as an immune system booster. I'm glad we've got Nirvana. Image not available. That’s why Advanced Nutrients created the Potency & Stalk Strengthener Pak composed of Rhino Skin, Bud Factor X, Nirvana and B-52, a vital key to a harvest of the gorgeous plants you’ve always imagined. Advanced Nutrients Nirvana. In your quest to naturally enhance growth and maximize yields, Nirvana stands alone as a rich supplement that you want to feed your plants right away. You could see the difference right away. In fact, virtually every element on earth is contained in azomite. No longer do you have to … Krill meal. Not only that, Nirvana helps plants like yours because during bloom phase they have a high carbohydrate turnover and need the potassium Nirvana provides for extra energy production. $49.95. Nirvana is all-organic, so it’s safe to leave on your flowers. Fulvic acid. If you’re committed to growing amazing organic crops, you’ve probably noticed there were no quality organic bud bulkers you could bet your harvest on – until now. Opens image gallery. But I gave Nirvana a try. A surfactant is a compound that reduces the “surface tension” of liquids so they and whatever they contain more easily enter your plants via roots and leaves. A related compound is fulvic acid, also derived from leonardite. B vitamins are particularly useful for cloning, seedlings, transplanting, motherplants and gardens where plants are being pushed hard for production. Yucca extract and Chilean Soap Bark extract are two all-natural surfactants that transfer nutrients into your plants. Your flowers get larger in size and higher in quality when you feed them Nirvana. Nirvana quickly increases the yield and quality of any garden when applied to either leaves or soil throughout the growing season. 0. All content rights reserved. Advanced Nutrients Nirvana 500ml - Organic Flowering Stimulator Nutrient - 500ml. Not only that, but Nirvana is triple-filtered and custom-blended you easily applied as a foliar feed or in any type of hydroponics irrigation root zone system. Advanced Nutrients Nirvana Available in 1L, 4L, & 10L In your relentless quest for larger buds that are worth more to you and your associates, you now have an all-organic formula called Nirvana. Mouse over to Zoom- Click to enlarge. Where To Buy Our Products When you use Nirvana’s enzymatically-hydrolyzed whey protein, your plants get L-aminos that stimulate floral growth and potency. Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice 250ml 1 Litre 1L Root Stimulant Hydroponics. (Click Here) - OPEN 9am-9pm (Everyday) 815.582.3838 Nirvana combines high-end organic nitrogen with other organic stimulants. Advanced Nutrients Nirvana (0-0-1) is a 100% natural bloom biostimulant that gives you bigger flowers and outperforms most synthetic flower boosters. Nirvana is a concentrated liquid organic that you can apply to leaves or roots. Not only that, Nirvana is the only 100% organic, concentrated, easy to use formula of its type. Many growers report the improved taste and aroma when they use Nirvana. ATTENTION: Nirvana is completely compatible with all non pH Perfect Base Nutrients and all competitors Base Nutrients and Supplements. SKU: a968045550b9 Category: Advanced Nutrients Brand: Advanced Nutrients. Nirvana has two surfactants that make it penetrate leaves to deliver flower-boosting compounds directly into floral clusters. Not only that, Nirvana helps plants like yours because during bloom phase they have a high carbohydrate turnover and need … Advanced Nutrients Nirvana quantity. £14.50 + P&P . Nirvana has an amazing menu of organics: organically-derived calcium, potassium, magnesium, proteins, chlorophyll, carotene, vitamins, root stimulants, sugars and growth enhancers. As the name implies, Nirvana is the pinnacle of organic bud bulking evolution, containing everything an organic grower needs. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Advanced Nutrients 3550-14 Nirvana Fertilizer 1 Liter, Brown/A at When you look at what Nirvana has In it, and how these organics work for you, that’s why Nirvana is the number one choice of growers seeking an organic way to maximize yield and quality. Advanced Nutrients 5450-14 Voodoo Juice Fertilizer, 1 Liter. Nirvana from Advanced Nutrients It seems as if the original clones have well over doubled in size . £14.95 + P&P . Another of Nirvana’s potent bud potentiator ingredients is bat guano that contains nitrogen, trace elements, amino acids, nucleic acids, proteins and minerals. Sensizym - proven to create healthier growing mediums, reduce food sources for pathogens, and improve nutrient availability in all types of growing systems. For your convenience, Advanced Nutrients extracted, standardized and combined these powerful compounds into one formula, called Nirvana. The Advanced Nutrients feeding chart, as you’ve just read, has four different levels; beginner, professional, expert and master. The bottom line: You’ll experience increased yield, quality, aroma, color, essential oils and resin production faster than you could have imagined without using synthetic nutrients. You’ll notice that many of azomite’s ingredients are essential nutrients for your plants.

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